BMW doesn’t have to change much about the current X3 to keep it successful until the end of its life cycle. A facelift is coming but it’s likely going to be relatively subtle, as the current BMW X3 is already the brand’s best selling car. This new render shows off a very subtly changed X3 LCI Facelift that should keep current X3 customers happy.

In these rendered photos, we see a BMW X3 that sports minimal changes, compared to the pre-LCI car. Its headlights are marginally different and its kidney grille is joined at the middle but, aside from that, it’s barely any different. Out back, we can see that it has the same shaped taillights as the current car, just with some darkened details, similar to those of the BMW 5 Series LCI.

We don’t know if the actual BMW X3 LCI is going to be this subtle. We recently saw a leaked photo from BMW Spain’s own website, showing off the BMW X3 M LCI and it looked a bit more facelifted than this render does, though we admittedly couldn’t see too much of it. Also, the X3 M might get more significant changes than the standard car.

Where the BMW X3 is going to get the majority of its updates is inside, though. There are no photos of the official X3 LCI interior but we know that some changes are coming. For instance, it will get the brand’s latest iDrive system, as well as the brand’s latest digital dials, with their latest functionality updates. For customers, those changes are what will make the biggest difference.

Most customers value interior comfort and technology above all else, so the in-cabin updates will be what drive customers to trade their car in for the LCI’d version. Hopefully BMW does make some significant enough exterior changes, though, as its competition has moved on quite a bit since its initial release.

[Source: AutoRenderAustria | Autospottingaustria]