The Rolls-Royce Ghost is now on full blast, reaching customers all around the world, after being introduced late last year. Being a car shown for the first time during a pandemic, you’d expect its impact to be limited but, according to the initial numbers published by the British car maker, it looks like sales are going exceedingly well. Therefore, the Ghost reached Australia as well and we’re now checking it out in long wheelbase configuration.

That means, the Ghost we’re checking out in the video below has about 17 extra centimeters in total, to offer its occupants (or patrons, as Rolls-Royce calls them) more luxury and room than in a ‘regular’ model. As if, at 5,546-mm in length, that would ever be a problem. But the new Ghost comes with a lot more than just a longer wheelbase. It now has all-wheel drive and a tricky suspension that’s meant to be both comfortable and engaging enough for a pleasurable driving experience.

Apparently, being more engaged behind the wheel is what customers have been asking for, according to Rolls-Royce, in an interesting turn of events. However, as much as the engineers tried, some concessions had to be made. For example, as the review points out, the steering is very light and doesn’t offer any feedback. Furthermore, even though the V12 engine under the hood has plenty of power, you don’t really feel it or hear it. You have to check the speedometer to get an idea as to how fast you’re accelerating, as the car absorbs everything around you.

Leaving the front seats behind, the real luxury comes in the back. You get incredible amounts of space and luxury and, in this particular case, treated with all the amenities Rolls-Royce has to offer. From the champagne fridge to the adjustable massaging seats, everything in there is about spoiling you. And considering the $755,000 price tag, you’d better be spoiled!