BMW has just issued a recall on some X3 and X4 models for potentially faulty fuel tank welds. According to this report, certain BMW X3 and BMW X4 variants on March 3, 2021, could have fuel tank welds that aren’t up to production spec. Over time, this could allow road vibrations to damage the welds and cause the fuel tank to leak. Obviously, the poses a fire hazard.

Thankfully, BMW caught this problem early on and realized that it only affected 17 cars, including the BMW X3 xDrive 30i, BMW X3 sDrive30i, BMW X3 M40i, BMW X3 M, and one BMW X4 xDrive30i. It’s great news that BMW was not only able to catch the problem early and that it only affected a few cars but that it also seems to know exactly which cars were affected. So this should get resolved quite quickly, and owners should be back on the road with their cars, without having to worry of any potential fuel leaks.

Apparently, it’s a supplier issue, as the supplier for BMW’s fuel tanks may not have welded the tank’s inlet check valve up to specifications. It’s said that a fuel odor can be smelled from underneath the car if yours is one of the affected models.

If you have such a BMW and yours was built around that time, you’ll be notified by BMW if you need to take your car in for recall repair. You can also check with your local dealer to see if your VIN matches up to the cars in the recall, just in case. Thankfully, there have been no reports of issue or injury from these fuel tank welds but that doesn’t mean anyone should be complacent. If you have such a car, find out if it matches up with the recall as soon as possible.

[Source: Car Scoops]