I still remember seeing the ALPINA XB7 on track at Monticello, standing next to some BMW execs, and them telling me that the XB7 was on track at the insistence of ALPINA boss Andreas Bovenseipen. Not only did Bovenseipen demand BMW tracked the XB7 but he also set several additional sets of tires, in hopes they’d be used. That tells you all you need to know about the XB7 and what it’s about. However, in addition to being a shockingly fast, almost nauseatingly capable SUV, it’s also an incredible luxury car.

In this new video from Shmee150, who’s in California rather than the UK, we get to see the ALPINA XB7 up close and personal, which is a lot closer than many people will get to see it.

So far, we’ve seen a few video reviews of the XB7, but most of them focus on its power and performance. We know it’s fast, we know it’s capable. It’s an ALPINA. However, it’s nice to see it close up; to see its interior, leather quality, wood trims, and all of its subtle luxury additions.

To be fair, the ALPINA XB7 isn’t a drastic departure from the BMW X7, in terms of visual interior style. It looks very similar to the standard X7 (which is to say very nice) and it really doesn’t have any additional features. However, the wood trim is gorgeous, the Lavalina leather-wrapped steering wheel is lovely, and the ALPINA plaques throughout the car do remind you that you’re in something special.

However, nothing can truly convince you of just how special it is without driving it. There’s an oily smoothness to the way an ALPINA drives. All of its inputs; steering, throttle, brakes; feel as if they’re well oiled machinery — like a well-polished bolt action on a rifle. It’s lovely.

So this video can give you an idea of how nice the ALPINA XB7 is to sit in and be around but no video can truly make you understand why it’s so special. You need to find a way to drive one.