What used to be reserved for customers located in other countries up until now, is now available to US residents as well. The new My BMW App is now available in the US, allowing you access to a whole new world of features for your car, as well as a new way of interacting with it. The My BMW App will be replacing the old BMW Connected app which is going to be retired in the future, as the new version comes with more features.

The new app comes with a lot more information on the car’s status and, depending on the equipment, it will allow you access to certain functions, from a distance. For example, you will be able to lock or unlock the car from your phone, find it using GPS and monitor its surroundings, using the Remote 3D view function, provided your car is fitted with 360-degree cameras. Furthermore, the user experience is said to be a lot more friendly now and you’ll be able to save accounts to your phone, connecting them to your car.

Other key features include getting notifications whenever a remote software upgrade is available for your car. In this case, you can download these updates on your phone and then have them installed in your car whenever you want. The new Digital Key feature also works with the new My BMW App, allowing you to use your smartphone as a key fob. Of course, just like on the old app, the new one includes Amazon Alexa connectivity too.

The My BMW App is an entirely new app, and its scalable universal architecture will support future requirements, allowing new functions and customer requests to be implemented easily on both iOS and Android systems. The My BMW App will become available April 12, 2021 to U.S. customers on both iOS and Android compatible mobile devices; the BMW Connected app will be fully replaced by the My BMW App at the end of June 2021.