Today is the day of the BMW M3 and M4. Since today is the day that BMW has officially lifted its embargo on M3/M4 reviews, the floodgates have opened and journalists’ opinions are spewing out. However, if you’re sick and tired hearing what each and every publication has to say about the new BMW M4, you can still get some news about it. Some new spy photos have released, showing off the upcoming BMW M4 Convertible doing some testing, this time wearing Isle of Man Green paint. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

In these new photos, we get to see the M4 Convertible wearing only a bit of camo. We do find it funny that BMW chose to camouflage it at all, being that its rear bumper is the only thing camouflaged and it’s not as if BMW is going to make any significant changes to the rear bumper for the Convertible model. Everything else is uncovered and looks exactly the same as the coupe. Except for the roofline, of course.

Speaking of roofline, BMW has obviously switched out the F83 M4’s folding hard-top roof with a soft-top, just as it did with the standard 4 Series. Some fans are frustrated by this change, as soft-tops have traditionally been considered inferior, in terms of noise and weather insulation. However, modern soft-tops have become very good at both and offer superior looks with the roof up. Metal hard-top convertibles look like coupes drawn by a fifth grader with their roofs up. While soft-tops are more elegant, more premium looking.

Regular BMW 4 Series Convertible for Reference

My main concern is with structural rigidity. The last M4 Convertible I drove felt like soggy bread over broken pavement. In fact, over some of New Jersey’s rougher roads, I thought the rearview mirror was going to rattle off. We know that the new G8X-chassis cars are far more structurally rigid than the outgoing cars, so I’m hoping it’s enough to keep things nice and tight with the top down. Though, I’m optimistic, as both the 8 Series Convertible and the Z4 feel like bank vaults, even with their tops down, specifically the Z4, which has a shockingly stiff chassis.

In regards to its looks, I actually think the BMW M4 Convertible looks quite good, even with its roof up. It’s sophisticated and elegant, far more so than the outgoing car, with its frumpy tin-top. Of course, its grille crashes that elegant party but if you pretend it’s not there, the M4 ‘Vert is a handsome thing.

[Source: Car Scoops]