So far, we’ve learned almost everything there is to know about the all-new BMW M3 and M4, from a series of videos published by the M Division itself. We’ve learned about the engine, transmissions, all-wheel drive system, aerodynamics and even the seats. This new video, though, talks about something a bit less exciting on paper but something that customers are going to use everyday — M Mode.

Modern M cars are about as electronically complex as a space shuttle, thus making all of the setup a bit confusing. In an attempt to simplify it all, BMW has changed the way in which drivers adjust their settings in the new M3 and M4. So rather than have dedicated “Sport” and “Comfort” buttons on the center console, there’s now just a “Setup” button.

Once pressed, the Setup button opens a menu in the iDrive screen, which shows all of the different system settings for the car. From there, you can adjust everything that there isn’t already a dedicated button for. For instance, you can adjust the engine, transmission, suspension, steering, and even the brakes. However, there aren’t subsystem menu adjustments for the exhaust sound or traction control, as there are dedicated buttons for those on the center console.

As usual, you can save your setting presets to two different steering wheel-mounted buttons, labeled “M1” and “M2”, which gives you the ability to quickly engage your different M setups without having to dig into the menu.

However, if you buy your car with the M Drive Professional option, you get an additional three M Modes. These M Modes setup the driver experience, more so than the actual systems in the car. For example, there are three different M Modes; Road, Sport and Track.

In Road, everything is set up pretty normally, with all safety systems engaged. In Sport, assisted driving systems are turned off and the advanced safety systems are put into a reduced setup, while the gauge cluster and head-up display become sportier. However, Track mode is more extreme, which is why it requires a three-second hold of the M Mode button to be engaged. It completely disables all safety functions, turns off the iDrive screen and provides the sportiest gauges. BMW recommends that Track mode only be used on a race track.

It might sound like a lot, and it is, but once you learn it all, it’s not so hard to understand.