Personally, I’ve been rather critical of the new BMW M4’s styling. My critique is the same as most enthusiasts’ — the giant kidney grille. It’s just not good looking and completely distracts from what is otherwise a great looking car. However, all would be forgiven and I’d keep my mouth permanently shut about the horrific grille if BMW built this M4 Shooting Brake.

This new render shows off what a BMW M4 Shooting Brake might look like and it looks flipping fantastic. The standard M4 Coupe is already a good looking car but who would have known that its design language would translate well to a three-door shooting brake? In fact, it actually works perfectly for a shooting brake design, as the rear haunches become even wider and sexier and the slim taillights are perfect for a narrow rear window and tailgate. The Hofmeister Kink looks great here and the Roundel on the C-pillar is a nice touch.

Standard BMW M4 Coupe

Of course, BMW will never make such a thing and, honestly, we’re not going to complain. BMW M is finally making an M3 Touring, so we’re not going to cry about the existence of an M4 Shooting Brake that hasn’t really been thought of until now.


With that said, though, if BMW M were to make an M4 Shooting Brake, I think car enthusiasts the world over would collectively lose their hecking minds and for good reason. Not only does this look awesome but imagine what such a car would actually be like; a 503 horsepower, all-wheel drive shooting brake from the M Division. It’d be a like a budget Ferrari FF with none of the absurd cost and all of the performance. You could have a proper M4 but with some added practicality and it would be amazing.

Yes, the M3 Touring sort of defeats the purpose of an M4 Shooting Brake, as it’s the same car, performance-wise, but with even more practicality. Still, BMW — as well as all German automakers — needs to stop doing things just because they make sense and have a little fun. A BMW M4 Shooting Brake would be a ton of fun.

[Source: Instagram — Sugardesign]