When BMW **cough** Toyota first debuted the new Supra, a lot of enthusiasts were upset with its lack of Toyota-ness. The Supra is essentially just a reskinned BMW Z4 and while it’s still a good sports car, it’s not truly special. Considering just how beloved the new Supra’s predecessor is — the Mk4 Supra — this new car disappointed a vast majority of car enthusiasts. However, there actually is a car on the road that might be a better successor to the iconic Mk4 and it also comes from Bavaria — the BMW M2 CS.

In the inaugural episode of Jason Cammisa on the Icons, we get to take a look at the Mk4 Supra, the new Supra, the BMW Z4 and the BMW M2 CS, all to determine the proper successor to the classic Supra. Ironically, Cammisa claims it to be the latter.

The new Toyota Supra is a BMW Z4 under its skin, although it somehow drives slightly better. Toyota has done a good job tuning the package that BMW provided, giving the Supra better steering, suspension and handling. Still, though, one can’t shake the feeling that the Supra is essentially a BMW Z4 with a better looking body. According to Cammisa, the car that more closely resembles the Japanese classic is the BMW M2 CS.

That sounds odd, and it’s intentionally a bit cheeky, but if you think about it it sort of makes sense. What’s the recipe for the Mk4 Supra? Twin-turbocharged straight-six, manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, 2+2 seating in a two-door sedan body and manic handling that can be both hilarious and frightening. That very same recipe is shared by the BMW M2 CS and, ironically, it also comes from the brand that helped revive the Supra name.

This episode is the first of is series and it’s absolutely worth a watch, even if only for the fantastic driving and beautiful camera work. Check it out.