As a bit of an E36 3 Series apologist, I absolutely adore the iconic BMW M3 Lightweight. Not only was it an incredibly rare car, making it a highly valuable one today, but it was one of the best driving BMWs of its time. In a nutshell, the E36 BMW M3 Lightweight was a stripped-out, more hardcore and, well, lighter version of the standard M3. It was glorious to look at and glorious to drive. Since very few of them were made, they’ve become extremely expensive. However, Enthusiast Auto Group not only has one in its stable but it’s been modified to drive even sweeter.

The car in this video as a few interesting modifications. Firstly, it has a bit more power than before but it’s also been given bigger brakes to help it slow that extra power down and some upgraded suspension. Under the hood, you can see the Moton remote reservoirs for the coilover suspension, likely the brand’s 3-Way suspension setup. It’s a serious upgrade over the standard car’s suspension, so it should ride and handle far better than stock, which is impressive.

Inside, it gets an ALPINA steering wheel, a fire extinguisher and a roll cage, to make sure passengers are safe during hardcore track use. It’s also in perfect, “OCD” condition, so we’re not sure if it’s ever going to see track use. We hope it does.

When you see EAG’s Eric Keller drive this specific E36 BMW M3 Lightweight in this video, you’ll understand why we hope it gets track driven. It sounds absolutely incredible and looks like an absolute blast to drive. We can only imagine what it’s like to drive it in anger on a race track, without having to worry about road traffic. For me, personally, the E36 M3 Lightweight is one of my bucket-list drives and this video isn’t helping my temptation.