BMW has yet to acknowledge a new X model joining their lineup in the near future, but enough hints and rumors paint a different picture. Within the next two years, we expect to see a new and high-end luxury crossover joining not only the BMW family, but also the M lineup. The car has also been seen out testing, in prototype shape, and we can confirm it’s a rather big SUV. Not necessarily bigger than the X7, as the name would suggest, but definitely on the larger side of things.

Therefore, magazines from around the world are starting to paint a design picture of the new X8. AutoExpress is the latest one to join the bunch and they put out together a rendering of a production ready X8 – the images can be seen here. The kidney grille follows the X7 recipe, while the iconic headlights feature a split design with sleek graphics. The bumper is also worth of an M sportscar, with two large air curtains. Furthermore, the hood is reminiscent of the one on the new M3/M4. It’s the rear end and three-quarter view that looks too much of an X5 or X7. So it remans to be seen whether BMW will look to further differentiate between their high-end SUVs.

We already know that the BMW X8 and its X8 M variant won’t just be the coupe model of the X7. If the X5 and X6 are quite similar in most aspects apart from the different roofline and silhouette, the forthcoming G99 X8 M is conceived to be the pinnacle of X models, a proper, high-riding premium vehicle. Furthermore, the future BMW X8 M is a direct hit at the Stuttgart rival, which lacks any competitor in this upscale niche. Same goes for the Ingolstadt-based Audi which only sells the Q8 at the top of their lineup.

We expect inside a posh, upscale look inside, dramatically different than the one on the X7. More refined materials, full leather upholsteries, new digital screens together with a possibly new OS interface (BMW Operating System 8.0) could also be on track to appear on the X8 M.

The future BMW X8 M models could come in two flavors: the standard version, with an output of 460 kW / 625 PS (617 hp), and the upper-end X8 M Competition, which is set to become the first electrified ///M model in history. The future X8 M Competition will pack a hybrid powertrain combining a V8 petrol engine and an electric unit that together will raise the peak output up to staggering 552 kW / 750 PS (740 hp).

There is no official release date, but we expect to see the production model in 2022 and likely a prototype vehicle before that.

[The top image is an older interpretation of the X8 by]