The year 2020 will be remembered for just how difficult and infuriating it’s been. Very few people have had a good 2020. However, there have been some good cars on sale this year, which is about the smallest silver lining in history but it’s a silver lining nevertheless. Some very cool cars, including some very cool BMWs, were sold in 2020 and those cars have been points of solace for many struggling car enthusiasts. So let’s take a look a the top five BMWs on sale in 2020.

BMW i3

Okay, so I’m gonna get some flak for this one and that’s okay. The BMW i3 is not the best EV on the market, it’s not even the best EV in its segment. But the i3 does something that makes it stand out in BMW’s lineup — it offers an affordable way for customers to get into an electric vehicle. While it doesn’t carry a super low price tag, BMW offers attractive leases on the i3, especially here in the U.S. where its lease deals are almost astonishingly cheap. So, in a year filled with exhaustion and frustration, the ability to get a brand-new electric BMW on the cheap probably served as a bit of respite from the madness for many customers.

BMW M5 Competition

While the BMW M5 Competition is absolutely not some sort of value, with a sticker price north of $100,000, it’s still one of the very best and most well-rounded BMWs on sale. Actually, aside from its price, it’s likely the best overall BMW on sale. It looks great, has a lovely cabin, seats five and is breathtakingly fast. The M5 can nail 60 mph faster than many modern supercars and will flat-out embarrass all but the absolute fastest cars on sale and it will even give those a run for their money. Plus, it handles like a sports car and has the interior of a luxury car. The M5 is one of the only true do-it-all machines on sale.

BMW M340i Touring

When it comes to do-it-all machines, there may be no better example than the BMW M340i Touring. Obviously, the M340i Touring is based on the already brilliant M340i sedan, except it has a wagon body style, adding a ton of practicality. Thanks to its stonking B58 engine, the M340i Touring is sports car fast, with sports car moves to boot, and yet also has the ability to carry a fridge in its trunk. It also looks fantastic, has a very nice interior and can be had at a reasonable price. There really isn’t a better all-around package in BMW’s lineup.


Do we really even need to convince you that the ALPINA B3 is one of the best BMWs on sale? Okay, so it’s not a proper BMW but it sort of is. The B3 is based on the 3 Series but it actually gets a tuned version of the S58 engine from the brand-new BMW M3.  So it makes a whopping 456 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, which is enough to keep up with the M3. Yet, it wears a much prettier face than the M3’s, as it keeps the standard 3er’s grille, and it has a lovely interior. It’s more luxurious than any BMW 3 Series, with better looks to match, and it’s probably the best driving 3 Series too. Oh, and it’s also available as a wagon. If it weren’t for the B3’s extreme exclusivity, it would be a better buy than the M3. If you can afford one and find one, buy one.


Without question, the BMW M2 CS is the best driving car in the brand’s lineup. It’s sharp, well-balanced, good looking, seriously fast and comes with a six-speed manual. It’s an old-school, pugnacious M car in the same vein as the E46 M3 and it’s the BMW that enthusiasts want to drive most. Admittedly, the same can be said about the M2 Competition, but the CS is the ultimate expression of what an M2 can be. So since it’s the best driving version of the best driving BMW, it is without question the best BMW on sale today.