When the BMW iX finally makes its official debut, it’s going to have some stiff competition right out of the gate. For starters, there’s the aging but still range-leading Tesla Model XAudi e-tron and Mustang Mach E to contend with. However, it will also be gaining a new competitor — the Jaguar J-Pace.

According to Auto Express, Jaguar is working on not only another electric SUV but is actually working on becoming a fully electric brand. The next step in that process is the Jaguar J-Pace, a fully-electric SUV that’s similar in size to the current F-Pace SUV and larger than the I-Pace electric car. So that would size it with the BMW iX.

While the J-Pace will be built on Jaguar’s modular, flexible architecture — one that will include both electrified and internal combustion powertrains — the J-Pace will be an all-electric model, with no piston engine option. According to this report, the Jaguar J-Pace will use a 100 kWh battery pack and should have around 300 miles of WLTP-rated range. So its specs are almost identical to those of the BMW iX.

Jaguar F-Pace

Expect styling of the J-Pace to be similar to its smaller I-Pace sibling, which is a very good thing. The I-Pace is a stunning looking machine, with just enough futuristic styling and just enough of Jag’s familial design language. It’s both sexy and efficient looking and one of the best looking EVs on the market, if not the best looking EV.  So expect the J-Pace to try and capitalize on the I-Pace’s styling success.

It will be interesting to see how the Jaguar J-Pace competes in the segment. The BMW iX is already going to be slightly behind the segment, with the Model X already having better range for similar money. So when the J-Pace eventually debuts, which will be long after the iX, it will be even further behind. Still, we’re happy to hear that Jaguar is not only developing a new EV but looking to make the switch to electrification entirely.

[Source: Auto Express]