2021 is arguably one of the most important years in BMW’s history. Their electrification will move forward at a rapid pace and no less than three electric vehicles will go into production. First off, we have the BMW iX3, the brand’s first fully electric SUV which was unveiled this year. Next to go in production is the second crossover and one of the most advanced cars ever made by the Bavarians – the iX. Along with the iX, BMW will also introduce the i4 four-door coupe, a fully electric model based on the upcoming 4 Series Gran Coupe.

Preparations for the i4 are in full force at the Munich plant and last week, several i4 pre-production models rolled off the production line. Sporting the usual camouflage, the i4 electric vehicles are likely heading for road testing before the final evaluation phase test mules are introduced to the press sometimes in 2021.

As seen here, the BMW i4 has quite a sporty stance. It also looks taller than the 4 Series Coupe. Another thing to note is that the trunk lid on this 4 Series Gran Coupe seems to be a traditional sedan-style trunk. On the previous-generation 4 Series Gran Coupe, the trunk was actually a lift-back tailgate, which made it far more practical than the average 3 Series sedan and really gave customers a substantial reason to buy one over the 3er. Now, the new car seems to lose that tailgate, as you can see the shut lines for the trunk lid through the camo in these photos. Of course, the large kidney grille seen on recent BMW models, and on the 4 Series as well, will live on.

In 2021, the BMW 3 Series, 4 Series and i4 will all roll off the same production lines at BMW Group Plant Munich. In keeping with its Power of Choice approach, the BMW Group will offer customers exactly the drive they need: state-of-the-art combustion engine, plug-in hybrid or fully electric. This approach offers maximum flexibility for the BMW Group and enables highly efficient production.