It’s quite interesting that this year BMW decided to go all out, reviving the BMW Junior Team during what was most likely a difficult time to do so. Nevertheless, here we are, with three young drivers once again going through the hoops needed to become a professional race car driver. I don’t know where they will race at the end of it all, as BMW pulled out of the DTM and Formula E, but I guess they’ll manage somehow.

The team is coached by the man who founded it in the first place, Jochen Neerpasch. For this exercise, he asked the help of the original drivers who were involved in the first ever BMW Junior Team and they replied. Marc Surer has been there for the youngsters a couple of times and the video below brought them all together, to exchange views on how racing has changed and also cars, as they swap seats.

Marc Surer made a name for himself both in Touring racing (in the DTM) and in Formula 2, a quite different breed altogether. Back then, BMW was still racing in both of them, with Formula 2 being the less-known counterpart. Today, we can watch Marc drive in a Formula 2 car that was completely restored by the BMW Classic team and looks and drives like it was brand new. At least that’s what he says in the clip.

As for how the old Group 5 or Formula 2 cars compare to modern-day alternatives, the biggest differences you feel are the extra kilos piled on. Of course, that added weight was put on due to all the extra safety features that turned motorsport into a less deadly experience for everyone involved. And even though the cars are heavier they do make up for it with some extra power.