BMW’s racing pedigree started before World War II. It was built with the help of majestic cars like the BMW 328 but while the Touring was used for rallies mostly, the Bavarian brand also competed in Formula 1 and Formula 2 championships. Right after the second World War, BMW got out of the pots and pans game and started making cars and race cars again. One of the first attempts was the car I’m showing you today, which is on sale in case you were wondering.

BMW raced in Formula 2 right after the war. In preparation for the 1947 season, the Germans had to build a car that would adhere to the regulations in place back then. This meant a 2-liter engine without forced induction. Thus, BMW decided to use parts from cars developed before the war, as research in the field had been postponed due to the global conflict. Therefore, this BMW Special Racer Formula 2 car used a lot of parts from cars like the BMW 326/327.

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For example, the chassis was tubular and shared the front axle and the steering with the BMW 326. The rear axle came from the 327 while the differential was taken from the 326. Even the gearbox was shared with the two pre-war cars. The engine has yet another shared bit but with some changes. The 2-liter mill had three single 32mm Weber carburetors and developed a total of 90 horsepower. I know, it doesn’t sound like much by today’s standards but it was enough back in the day.

The ad says the car doesn’t have a chassis code and that’s on par with how things used to be done back then. The price is not listed either but the car is reportedly to be found in Oxfordshire, UK. The seller seems to be dealing solely with vintage racers so his experience on the matter might help, if you’re really interesting in buying such a rare car.