The guys from AC Schnitzer have been creating interesting projects under the “Tune It! Safe!” motto for quite some time now. This is a project they joined, started by the local German authorities, aimed at encouraging tuning cars but, at the same time, doing it safely, with all the precautions in mind. We’ve seen plenty of cars going through this program before but today we’re checking out their latest offering: a BMW M850i police car.

The model in the video below didn’t just get a fancy wrap on the outside, to make it look like a real police car, but also some interesting tech upgrades, courtesy of AC Schnitzer, of course. The car got an engine upgrade, that comes with a 3-year warranty and protects it from damage. It took the power output from the stock 530 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque (553 lb-ft) to 620 horsepower and 840 Nm 620 lb-ft) of torque, numbers threatening the full-beans BMW M8 Competition.

On top of that, this police car also got a new exhaust system and tailpipes (for this particular combo they went with the Carbon Sport finish), a lowered suspension setup (which drops the ride height both up front and in the back for up to 30 mm) and a host of aerodynamic add-ons as well. The entire catalogue was added, to be precise, from the AC Schnitzer Carbon front spoiler to the splitters, Carbon Front Side Wings, carbon rear diffuser and spoiler on top of the boot lid.

AC Schnitzer also says the interior has been decked out with their parts, including the aluminum pedal covers and iDrive cover. To complete the project, lighting specialists Hella were brought in, adding flash lights and a loudspeaker. Last but not least, the wheels have been changed out with a set of AC3 flowformed Anthracite wheels measuring 9×21″ up front and 10×21″ round the back.

Overall, it’s a really interesting project car, one that’s as cool as it is fast.