At the moment, BMW is running out of proper, old-school driver’s cars. In reality, there’s only one left — the BMW M2 CS. Of all BMW’s cars, it’s the only lightweight(ish), rear-wheel drive, manually-equipped sports car from BMW you can find and, admittedly, it’s brilliant to drive. However, there’s also another incredible sports car in the segment that it has to contend with — the Porsche Cayman GT4. So which is best?

In this new video from Car Gurus, Dan Prosser put those very two sports cars head-to-head and we’re extremely jealous.

The BMW M2 CS puts up a great fight but, predictably, it can’t take down the Porsche. That’s really not an indictment of the BMW but high praise for the GT4. Porsche’s hottest Cayman is quite possibly the finest driving machine on sale at the moment, with a sublime mid-engine chassis, a screaming naturally-aspirated flat-six engine and fantastic steering.

Plus there are other little things the Cayman gets right that the M2 CS simply can’t. It’s seating position, visibility and overall H-point are near-perfection. In the M2 CS, you sit a bit too high, it can feel a bit claustrophobic and its H-point isn’t proper sports car level. However, that’s just the nature of the two cars, as the BMW M2 CS is built on a 2 Series chassis, which is a pretty normal car, while even the base Cayman is a bespoke sports car.

The BMW M2 CS is the best driving BMW since the 1M but, as we also pointed out in our reviews, Prosser admits it’s not worth the extra cost over the standard M2 Competition. It’s a great driving car but it can’t match the precision, balance or pure sports car thrills that the Porsche Cayman GT4 provides. The M2 CS is brilliant but the Cayman GT4 is on another level. Then again, it’s on another level than almost everything else.