If you’re a loyal reader, you might’ve noticed that we’re fans of the classic Mini around here. Nico and I have both fallen in love with the cute little cars last year, when we had the chance of driving them. They are brilliant little buggers, punching way above their weight and feeling as lively and agile as the day they were made. But what if you want to get a bit more power for yours?

There are plenty of solutions out there, costing a pretty penny – of course – but probably being worth it in the end. You can have a classic Mini converted into an electric car, you can have it tuned up, but what I’m about to show you takes things to a whole new level. The car in the video below has been fiddled with by the guys from Zcars in the UK. They are specialized in turning classic cars into modern-day rockets.

Well, in this case, the changes they did on this little Mini are pretty Maxi, if you will. The car no longer has an engine up front but had everything moved to the back. Therefore, we’re looking at a rear-wheel drive Mini with the engine at the back as well. That’s not all though. The engine is no regular Mini engine either, but a Honda Civic Type R K20A unit good for over 200 HP and a 9,000-RPM redline.

Considering the car only weighs about 750 kilos, that’s a really good power to weight ratio. Sure, the problem here is that most of that weight is on the rear axle, hence the stance of the car but even so, I reckon this thing is a blast to drive, as Ped here demonstrates. This is one epic Mini!