It’s been over a year since I last drove a classic Mini through Monterey and it’s still seared into my brain. That little Mini earned a special place in my heart and I’ve wanted one ever since. Honestly, I can’t afford to buy a classic Mini, especially now that prices are going up, but I’ve kept my eye on classifieds since falling in love with that ’65 Cooper S last year. When this one popped up on Bring-a-Trailer, it genuinely made me happy but also a bit sad.

This specific 1967 Mini Cooper S is literally my perfect car. It’s from the era of classic Mini I love most (late ’60s), it’s the right color (red) and has the best interior (red and gray). It has the two-spoke, pencil-thin steering wheel I love, the simple, center-mounted gauges and none of the add-ons that came with later model cars. It’s literally my perfect Mini and almost exactly like the one I drove a year ago.

There is a catch, though — it’s a nearly perfect, extremely low-mileage example. That might not sound like a catch for most humans but it is for me. See, I can only afford a slightly ratty one, one that I would need to work on a bit and bring back to life. This perfect one, with its perfect spec, is simply too far out of my price range.

It’s not all original, as it’s had its engine and transmission rebuilt, as well as a repaint, but it looks like it rolled off the showroom floor back in 1967 and its engine and transmission are both numbers-matching originals, just rebuilt. So it’s a stunning example and one that will fetch a very pretty penny.

At the time of writing this, there are still seven days left on the auction, so it hasn’t even been up for a full day yet, and it’s already at $26,000, far more than most classic Minis I see for sale. So I fully expect it to sell for an eye-watering number, one I can’t even imagine spending on a car.

Which is what has me thinking dirty thoughts. Taking out a home equity loan, robbing a bank, coming up with a pyramid scheme, seducing Jeff Bezos — these options have run through my mind. So, please, someone buy this before I do something stupid. And then let me drive it. Please?

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]