Autocar is one of the oldest automotive magazines in the world. They have been reviewing cars for longer than some car companies have even existed and sort of invented the way we review cars today. They have also been holding the ‘Best Sports Car’ competition for over 31 years now, turning it into a proper tradition. The 2020 event included, among many other brilliant cars, the BMW M2 CS.

The purpose of this comparison is to figure out which car is the best at giving you an incredible experience behind the wheel. Therefore, price tags don’t really matter, just like size also doesn’t matter in this particular case. This is why you’re going to see cheap, small cars like the Toyota Yaris GR alongside proper supercars like the Ferrari F8 Tributo or the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. The only metric that really matters here is the amount of smiles per kilometer covered.

As for the BMW M2 CS, it was only natural to see it featured here as the sole representative of the Bavarian brand. It is considered by many the last pure BMW before the electric revolution takes over and there are a lot of reasons why that’s true. From the fact that it’s light and it has a straight six under the hood, to its compact size and playful rear end, everything is just as you would want it to be in such a coupe.

The results, however, didn’t favor the BMW. The M2 CS came up second to last, a position occupied by the Ferrari F8 Tributo. Nevertheless, considering the rest of the line-up was made up of cars like the new Porsche 911 Turbo S, McLaren 675LT, Lamborghini Huracan Evo and the likes, that’s a really good crowd to be included in anyway. Cheers to the little Toyota GR Yaris though, an incredible performer!