If you want to upgrade your car these days and you own a BMW, you should probably approach companies that have a long-running history with the brand and in the business. If we’re talking solely BMWs, it doesn’t get better than AC Schnitzer. The German tuner has been doing this kind of stuff for literally decades and it’s not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Be it a front-wheel drive car, a rear-wheel drive one or AWD, the Aachen-based tuner has you covered. What we have in the video below is their take on the BMW M135i xDrive, a car that’s not winning any popularity contests these days. Sure, a lot of old-school enthusiasts are disappointed with the front-wheel drive, and the price tag it comes with makes it a bit less approachable, but overall, the M135i is a good car nonetheless.

Right now, AC Schnitzer is offering a variety of parts for the 1 Series but some of them may only be usable if your car comes with the M Sport package. Products for non-M Sport models are on the way too. For M Sport versions you can get aerodynamic upgrades for the front end, side sills and rear bumper among others, as well as new spring kits. The usual wheel/tire combinations AC Schnitzer got us used to are also in the cards, as you can see in the video below.

There’s no mention of a power upgrade for the 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine under the hood of the M135i though which is a bit odd for AC Schnitzer. Admittedly, a number of tuners have said previously that the B48 mill doesn’t have a lot left in it so the German tuner might be playing it safe here, especially since they usually offer warranty for their products. Nevertheless, you can upgrade the sound of your car with one of their exhaust systems.