It’s interesting to see legendary cars as they were when they were new. Not restored to a like-new level but actually as it was when it was new. In this video from EAG, we get to see a E39 BMW M5, arguably the greatest M5 of all time, with so few miles and in such good condition, it’s essentially a brand-new car.

The 2003 E39 BMW M5 in this video only has 3,157 mile on the odometer, which is around 185 miles per year. So, it’s honestly barely been driven, outside of really short trips every now and again. Because of that, the car is in about as close to brand-new condition as you’ll find on an E39 M5 and it could be the lowest-mileage E39 M5 in North America.

Its exterior is virtually flawless, without even a single noticeable rock chip in the front end’s paintwork. There’s not a single mark on the wheels, swirling in the paint and certainly no scratches or dents. Hell, it’s even on its original Dunlop tires from 2003.

Potentially even more impressive is the interior. The owner is said to be a musician and he’s kept the E39 M5 in astonishing condition. Inside, the only imperfection — not even a problem but just slight imperfection — is a minor scratch in the steering wheel leather, the size of maybe a pea. Aside from that, the interior is perfect. Even with just over 3,100 miles on the clock, I can’t figure out how someone sits in those seats for over 3,000 miles and doesn’t wear them at least a bit. They look as if they’ve never held a human ass before.

Though, as impressive as this is, it makes me personally kind of sad. The E39 BMW M5 is one of the absolute greatest performance sedans ever made, it doesn’t deserve to sit in a garage for its entire life. It was made to be driven and driven hard. Keeping it this well-preserved is impressive but completely goes against the point of buying such a car. It’s like forcing LeBron James to sit on the couch and eat Fritos. He’s too talented for that and so is the E39 M5.