The BMW Z1 is one of the more important cars the Germans ever made. While at first it may be dismissed by some as a crazy, one-off project, the Z1 was much more than that. It was the first in a long line of roadsters, something BMW already knew a lot about. It was also a futuristic car, hence the name, and it came with and the way it was built. Remember the thermoplastic body panels? Well, they are still very much unique in BMW’s history.

The Z1 is also the first and only BMW so far to use retracting doors that slide into the underbody of the car. It uses the same E30 platform, which means it should be a good driving car. Of course, it’s also pretty rare. Therefore, buying one could be a good long-term investment and that’s exactly why we’re here today.

This particular 1991 BMW Z1 was listed recently on eBay, writes Carscoops. The model comes with just 2,377 miles on the clock which is already quite compelling. Cars like these, if they want to maintain or grow in value over the years, have to be carefully monitored when it comes to the distance covered, reflected in the odometer. Since this car looks absolutely mint, chances are it will be bought by a collector, who will keep it in storage for many, many years.

But if you do decide to buy this one, you should know the reserve is set at $50,000 and that you’d get a 6-cylinder engine at the very least, along with an immaculate interior. And if the dark gray exterior doesn’t really do it for you, fret not. As I mentioned above, the car is made with removable, interchangeable thermoplastic body panels. No painting required.