The BMW iX has just launched and it’s now become BMW’s newest EV darling. Under its funky looking skin lies the latest and greatest EV powertrain technology BMW has to offer. However, for all of its electro-techie goodness, there are inevitably going to be the same questions about the everyday usability of EVs surrounding it. Most of those questions stem from uncertainty.

Non-EV customers are uncertain of how far they can actually go on electricity, uncertain of where they can charge, how much it costs, if they need a charge point at home and how long their battery will sustain its level of charge before degrading, among others. There are also environmental and moral questions, adding to the confusion.

These questions can often dampen the excitement on new EVs for automakers, as every single maker of electric vehicles not named Tesla already has a clientele base that’s accustomed to internal combustion and the infrastructure that comes with it. So making the switch to a fully electric vehicle, especially one as expensive as the BMW iX, can bring about some real concern for customers. Thankfully, there are some people with very big brains that are able to shed light on some of those gray areas, to help us all through.

In this new video from Top Gear, Chris Harris talks to Graeme Cooper, a member of the British energy company, National Grid. Listening to Cooper talk about EVs, energy usage, charging, climate change and the future of electro-mobility is actually incredibly reassuring. He’s a man that so very clearly understands the industry and the infrastructure far better than the normal car enthusiast, allowing him to debunk fears and myths surrounding the electric car in a clear and concise manner.

This is one of the best discussions about EVs we’ve heard in ages. It provides both sides of the argument; the old-school gear-head (Harris) and the pro-EV expert (Cooper) and manages to find the common ground necessary for the continuation of the electric vehicle.

What better time to listen to such an argument than today, when BMW’s most advanced EV finally launched. It’s a long watch but it’s fascinating and well worth your time, especially if you’re considering an EV.