The new 2021 BMW M2 CS is about to go on sale in the United States, but in the mean time, we had a chance to drive the car on two occasions. The first test drive took place in Munich a few weeks ago and last week, we went to Upstate New York to race the M2 CS on the Monticello Race Track.

BMW brought out two M2 CS models: one painted in the Misano Blue launch color, while the other was an Alpine White model with a manual transmission and gold wheels. With the new model, which is based around the success of the M2 Competition and the M2 Coupe, customers will only be able to choose from a small range of options and four basic colors: Alpine White, Sapphire Black, Misano Blue and Hockenheim Silver. There is only interior option in black.

BMW M explained to us that the team looked at all kinds of color options, a common process in the development of a car. They painted cars in orange and red color variants, but never really liked these colors. They did not fit the shape of the car. Internally they referred back to other colors, which the BMW plant in Leipzig had in its pallet of colors. Misano Blue became the final choice as the launch color.

Powered by the engine as the F82 M4 CS, a more powerful version of the S55 which produces 331 kW (450 PS) and 550 Nm (406 lb-ft), the M2 CS will mark the end of the F87 M2 series in October for the European market. The BMW M2 CS will come with a six-speed manual gearbox as-standard and the optional 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission.

As communicated by BMW at the launch of the M2 CS, the production numbers were intended to be 2200, but due to the virus situation it is unknown how many cars will be produced. It will definitely be 2200, but it could well be a larger number depending on demand over the past and coming months.

The plant in Leipzig will built as many as they can. Both the M2 Competition and M2 CS will have their production stop or EOL (end-of-life) in October. European cars are build first so that they have a CoC (Certificate of Conformity) dated before the end of August since the S55 engine is not emission compliant anymore in Europe from September onwards.

The BMW M2 CS will go on sale this year and has an MSRP $83,600 plus $995 Destination. Initially it was rumored that 500 units will be developed for the US market, but we recently learned that the number will be lower than that. No official confirmation on the exact units figure but a ballpark mentioned between 350 and 400 units.