One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the future of the BMW brand is how the upcoming X8 model will pan out. We’ve been hearing some very interesting bits of information about it and we have to admit, we’re curious about it. The car has also been seen out testing, in prototype shape, and we can confirm it’s a rather big SUV. Not necessarily bigger than the X7, as the name would suggest, but definitely on the larger side of things.

We’re also not sure it’s going to be a Coupe-like SUV. The name suggests that but there hasn’t been any official confirmation of that yet. We also can’t rely on the spy shots we’ve seen, as car makers are known to fit extra panels to such prototypes to throw off of the scent. Therefore, the design still remains a mystery but the people from Kolesa decided to give it a try and create a rendering of the upcoming bespoke model.

As you can notice, the front end has a split-headlight design, with the turn signal light sitting above the headlight, separated somehow. Other than that, the front end mimics the X7 quite a bit, with a slightly redrawn set of kidney grilles and massive air intakes on the sides. Round the back we have a sloping roof line towards the back that may be considered along the lines what you might find on a “Coupe” SUV. The taillights seem to be a cross between the X2 and X6 models.

The specs of the upcoming model which might also be somewhere around 750 horsepower, in the upcoming BMW X8 M. According to our sources, this is supposed to be a halo M car, a model that will be built from the ground up entirely by the M Division, from the get go, something BMW has never done before. It’s odd they’d choose an SUV body for this first attempt but we our assumptions as to why the M Division might have made that decision and it has to do with SUV sales.