The latest model from G-Power goes by the name G5M Hurricane RR. The highly-tuned sports sedan in based on the BMW M5 F90 and turns the performance level further up from the 625 hp of an M5 Competition. An incredible 900 horsepower and an electronically limited maximum torque of 1,050 Newton meters are promised by the German tuning shop. The power output of 900 hp is achieved without the “vitamin B injection” (e.g. methanol or fuel boosters) often used by other tuning companies. With a maximum speed of 366 km/h, G-Power says their G5M Hurricane RR is the fastest sedan in the world.

The G-POWER core team headed by Zoran Zorneke, Dirk Ochmann and Bujar Bunjaku has restructured the company to offer modern tools for electronic performance enhancement. With their sharper focus on turbo technology, G-POWER have also expanded their portfolio of car makes. Once solely BMW tuners, they now offer a comprehensive performance package for the Mercedes AMG models with 5.5-liter or 4.0-liter V8 twin- turbo engines.

As the RR in the name suggests, G-POWER has once again worked their magic on the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 (S63B44T4) and achieved an additional power boost through a combination of software and hardware upgrades.

After being developed during the winter of 2019/2020 and tested from April 2020, the G5M HURRICANE RR is now ready to be sold to customers. The vehicle was completely overhauled – take the engine, for example, which was given forged pistons and modified connecting rods as well as a larger radiator and reinforced drivetrain.

The factory turbochargers have been replaced by larger ones along with with a bigger intake. Furthermore, G-POWER fitted their stainless-steel exhaust system with four carbon-coated 101- millimeter tailpipes, which adjoin the turbochargers via downpipes with sports catalytic converters.

To finish it off, G-POWER installed their GP-900 performance software.

G-POWER says that their tuning package guarantees great drivability as well as unchanged engine longevity and reliability. This has been helped in no small part by the thermal improvements, which include the striking GP Venturi carbon fiber engine hood: Thanks to its “Dynamic Venting” technology, the hood optimizes airflow in and out of the engine bay.

To reduce the unsprung mass, HURRICANE RR forged rims in 9″x21″ and 10.5″x21″ with 285/30 and 295/30 Michelin tires were fitted. The driving experience was further improved by the addition of the G-POWER Variant 4 coilover suspension. The revised suspension provides an adjustable chassis-lowering function (FA 15–30 mm, RA 10–30 mm), while it also enables separate adjustment of the compression and rebound damping.

The G-Power G5M HURRICANE RR is priced at €115,000, including 16% VAT.