Just the other day we were checking out a BMW M8 Competition taking on a tuned Nissan GT-R. But as we suspected, something “was off” on the GT-R. Today we saw the Evolve BMW M5 going all out on a drag strip with about 900 HP at the wheels. Well, it’s time to combine the two and see how that M5 would match up against a heavily tuned GT-R.

And when I say ‘heavily tuned’, I mean it. According to Mat, this particular GT-R has no less than 1,600 HP at its disposal as it was taken into oblivion. The engine was stroked up to 4.1-liters and almost everything was looked over and modified to cope with the new figures, which are nearly three times more than what the GT-R does in standard guise. The torque figure also went up to an astounding 1,500 Nm which is basically electric-car worthy and then some.

The BMW M5 looks like to be the one we showed you earlier today but the video was recorded before the final tune was added on. Whereas at the V-Max 200 event the car was pushing 900 HP at the wheels, in this video it was only a Stage 2 with 800 HP at the crank. Even with the Stage 3 upgrade, the M5 would still fall short about 700 HP compared to the GT-R, so I guess the result of this drag race won’t surprise anyone.

That last statement would go for the cars though as we shouldn’t forget there’s also a bike somewhere on this track. The Ducati V4R has only about 220 HP at its disposal and weighs under 200 kilos but that’s an incredible power to weight ratio. Even with the rider on, so it should give the GT-R a run for its money.

It won’t be as fast off the line, as it relies solely on one wheel to put the power down, but once the two get going…. Let’s see what happened, shall we?

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