Throughout the history of BMW a few models have always stood out. Either for their great driving dynamics (like the E46 M3) or for their design (like the Z8). For the latter category we have two different segments: there’s the absolutely stunning models and then there are the oddities. The BMW Z3 M Coupe is definitely an odd model and has been so ever since it was first introduced. Why? Well… Just look at it. The clown shoe nickname didn’t just pop up for no reason, after all.

There is a trick though and only those who are not subjective at all will truly understand it. This car is more about substance than design, it’s about how it makes you feel when you drive it, not about being paraded around like a trophy. And the guys from Savagegeese definitely seem to be getting the point. Truth be told, only a fool wouldn’t recognize the potential of this car after spending a few minutes behind the wheel.

That’e because underneath that peculiar sheet metal actually hides an E36 M3 chassis. The most underrated model in the history of the BMW M division, the E36 M3 was a great driver’s car. It had plenty of power and less weight than 90 percent of the cars on the road today.

It also came with a few useful tricks from the M division that made it shine even brighter. Then again, that awkward profile of the car does come with some pros. For example, there’s tons of glass all around you and that means visibility is of no issue.

But looks and design aside, the brilliance of this car becomes evident the moment you say the codename of the engine under the hood. Since it’s using an S52, you can immediately tell there’s six-cylinder atmospheric greatness happening in your vicinity and that means you’re gonna have a good time. Let’s see what the reviewers have to say.

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