This week we’re out in Austin, Texas, test driving the all new Rolls-Royce Ghost. As you’d expect, we will have plenty of footage and photos to share with you, but until then, we wanted to satisfy your cravings with a new video from the Brits. The clip is just 1 minute and 17 seconds long so it will have to make due.

According to Rolls-Royce, this is the first ever outing of the Ghost, so we should consider ourselves lucky. As the British brand put it, this is: “World’s exclusive first drive of Rolls-Royce new Ghost, seen in its natural habitat of minimal urban environments and surreal countryside, reflecting the Post Opulent design aesthetics.”

Clearly, this is just one of the natural habitats of the Ghost, and it’s no secret that many Rolls customers usually prefer the outback and the quietness of the countryside. A set of winding roads will also probably be on the menu, as the new Ghost was designed from the get go to be more dynamic and agile and provide a better experience from behind the wheel.

I know that sounds weird for a Rolls but the truth of the matter is, the median age of the buyers today is getting lower and lower, and according to the company itself, more ‘patrons’ than ever prefer to do the driving themselves. Therefore, the driving dynamics are starting to matter a bit more right now.

We’ll just have to take the new Ghost for a spin tomorrow and see for ourselves just how good it is in all relevant ways.