The new MINI JCW GP is the third of its kind. The entire GP madness started after BMW took over MINI at the start of this century. Ever since, the hardtop reached its third generation, so it was only natural to see it get a special edition. Every time a new model came out, the power levels went up and the number of cars to be built increased accordingly. This time round, the JCW GP will be built in just 3,000 units and it can rely on 306 HP.

To mark the occasion, the people from MINI decided to do yet another comprehensive photo shoot with the car. The new photo gallery shows us all of its angles. If you’re to judge it solely by these photos, you’ll probably fall in love with the new JCW GP.

The details are what sets the JCW GP apart from the rest of the range. You will, of course, notice the grey/red combo which is particularly striking. You’ll also have no issues seeing the flared wheel arches, an improvisation done by MINI to make sure the car copes with the legislation for road-going vehicles.

You see, this is the MINI with the widest front axle for added grip (the tires are wider than usual, as are the wheels) and therefore, the wheel arches had to be extended to make sure the wheels don’t stick out. That’s how we got those flares which I just happen to like.

Then there’s the huge wing at the back. If you look closely, you’ll notice it’s almost split in half right down the middle. The reason? Well, when opening the tailgate you might’ve hit the radio antenna and that was an issue that needed fixing.

Basically, the designers made an indent in the top part of the wing to make sure it goes right around the antenna. These sort of small details make all the difference in the world if you ask me but don’t take my word for it, check out this photo gallery.