Just recently, we saw some spy photos of an odd looking BMW M4 with a fixed a wing and an interesting new exhaust arrangement. At first, we thought it was the rumored upcoming M4 CSL, thanks to its fixed aero and more aggressive looks. However, we soon learned that it was actually just a standard M4 with M Performance parts. In these new spy photos, we get to see that same M Performance test mule.

After talking to our sources, we’ve learned that the upcoming BMW M4 CSL will have a more aggressive front end with some vents in the hood for cooling and aero. Because this test mule lacks such front-end aggression, it’s clearly not an M4 CSL. Instead, we’re told that these are just M Performance parts that the brand is testing prior to market launch. Which makes sense, as it would allow those parts on sale as soon as the car is.

One interesting note about the M Performance exhaust seen in these photos is that the new arrangement is surprisingly different from the standard car’s. With the quad exhaust tips moved from the outer sides of the rear bumper to the center, in a sort of stacked pattern, the new exhaust system would actually require a different rear bumper to accommodate them. Additionally, it could also require entirely different exhaust hangers underneath. So it’s likely going to be an expensive option.

The good news is that BMW M is working on these parts now, so customers don’t have to wait until after taking delivery to get the parts fitted to their cars. One of the best aspects of buying M Performance upgrades over aftermarket ones is the ability to get them from the factory, already fitted to the car upon brand-new delivery, included in the monthly payment and the car’s original warranty. So the fact that customers should be able to spec these parts from day one will be welcome.

We’ll keep you posted about these upcoming M Performance parts as we learn more.

[Source: @AudiKind Instagram]