If by now, for some odd reason, you haven’t seen the new grille of the BMW M4, go scour through our countless articles about it. The new face of the G82 BMW M4 (and the G80 BMW M3) is causing quite the controversy among BMW enthusiasts. Reason being is that it’s massive, brash and seemingly unfit for the rest of the car’s design. This controversy has led to a lot of render artists designing new grilles for the M4’s face, trying to improve upon BMW’s radical new design.

These latest photos show off a re-design of the BMW M4 grille, while also giving it a widebody kit and some other aggressive new changes. But first, let’s take a look at the grille in these renders.

All three renders feature the same grille, just with slight changes to the rest of the car’s design to potentially compliment the grille. The new grille design in question is actually similar to the one found on the new M4 but changed in certain areas that actually might make a big improvement, depending on your specific tastes. It’s wider than the M4’s stock grille and features far more exaggerated angles. It also features a more polygonal shape, rather than a more elongated one.

BMW M4 Grille Render 1 830x467

The biggest change, though, is that it’s much shorter. While the BMW M4 grille almost completely spans the vertical space between the hood shut line and the bottom of the bumper, the bottom of this one sits much higher, in a more appropriate spot. That allows for a cool front air intake to be placed below it, giving the front end a bit more aggression. Also, the M4’s horizontal grille slats are replaced with vertical ones in this render.

What’s important to note is that, despite being much smaller and shorter, these grilles are no less aggressive or imposing. In fact, they actually look sportier, more aggressive and more imposing. So it proves that BMW M could have made the M4 look distinct and very angry without slapping two giant beaver teeth onto the front end of an otherwise very good looking car.

One additional photo shows off the new face with a European license plate at the bottom, which is an interesting photo. Because the new M4 grille sits so low, there’s really no place to elegantly put a license plate, regardless of country. This has been a point of issue for many fans. In no configuration that we’ve seen does a license plate look good on the front of an M4 but it actually looks fine in this photo because the plate is mounted to the front bumper, not the grille.

BMW M4 Grille Render 2 830x467

There’s also a photo with a widebody kit, so you can see what the new BMW M4 will look like with such a kit on it. It does help make the grille look smaller, which is always beneficial.

Overall, these new photos prove that BMW didn’t have to go to such extreme lengths to make the M4 stand out from the rest of the lineup. The grille could have been much smaller, still look extremely aggressive and keep the overall proportions of the car intact.

[Source: Instagram @ZER.O.WT]