Awhile back, Alex from Car Throttle was offered an E39 BMW 5 Series for just £150 from an enthusiast on Instagram. Obviously, a car that cheap likely has a lot of issues but, on the outside, it actually didn’t look too terribly. Now in this new video, though, Alex took his E39 to Munich Legends in the UK to see just how much it’s going to cost to get it back to OEM-levels of quality.

Munich Legends might not be the place you want to take a car that costs less than the average pair of Jordans, as they’re the sort of shop that deals in supremely high quality Bimmers. Their showroom is packed full of gorgeous Bavarian machines. Not cars that can be had for the average lunch in Manhattan. So what does Munich Legends think of Alex’s £150 E39 BMW 5 Series?

Well, of course, it needs a lot of work. Its interior is actually relatively nice but the rest of it is in pretty bad shape. Quite a bit of rust, a free-hanging exhaust, some banged up body panels and a sooty engine bay all add up to needing almost £9,000. That’s almost sixty times what Alex paid for the car, which obviously means it’s not worth fixing. Considering they paid so little for the car, he and the Car Throttle team should give it a proper send off and just take it to the track and run it until it dies.

That said, for a car that only costed the team £150, it’s in better shape than I had assumed it would be in. Sure, it’s rusted to pieces and needs a massive amount of work to get right, it still runs and drives well enough to get someone around. That in itself is a pretty impressive achievement considering that it has almost 200,000 miles and was so cheap.