By now, we already know what the next-gen BMW M4 is going to look like. From all the spy photos and renders, the design of the new M4 is all but entirely out in the open now. Still, it’s nice to see some paint on the metal, rather than just camouflage. In these new spy photos, we can see a Frozen Blue test mule, albeit still with some camo, doing some road testing. (We don’t own the photos but you can see them here)

In these new spy shots, the G82 BMW M4 is seen doing some road testing, not on the Nurburgring, where most spy photos are taken. That allows us to get a closer look at it and, in this particular case, see some actual color.

The test mule in these photos seems to be wearing some sort of Frozen Blue paint, which might indicate that it’s either going to get that color as an option (which would be great), or that this test mule is some sort of launch edition car.

When you see the car this close, and with as little camouflage as this test mule has, you being to realize just how good looking a car the entire BMW M4 really is. Its proportions are bang-on, its wheels look cool and it has a sleek, sporty silhouette. I think it could sit about a half inch lower but otherwise it’s a great looking car. I think Frank Stephenson got it right, by implying that it’s really a different grille away from being a really good looking car.

Thankfully, it should be a great driving machine. Its 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged S58 engine is a monster and will be superb in the M4. Plus, we’re hearing that its chassis is upgraded to such an extent, over the standard 4 Series, that it’s almost a bespoke chassis. Apparently, the only things that remain from the standard 4er are the mounting points for the suspension and subframes. So the new M4 should be a much more precise, engaging car than its predecessor.

[Source: Motor1]