The upcoming BMW G82 M4 will probably end up being considered one of the most controversial cars the BMW M division has ever made. The second-generation M4 will come with a couple of features that will definitely make it seem odd in the eyes of many fans of the Bavarian brand. If the unveiling of the current 4 Series Coupe model is anything to go by, discussions surrounding the G82 M4 will be even more fiercely debated.

That’s because BMW decided to give the new G80 M3 and G82 M4 a new face altogether, one that would slap huge kidney grilles on the front end. Now, while on the 4 Series M Performance models that looks rather decent, thanks to the mesh-design infused right in the middle of the grilles, the M4 won’t get the same treatment, apparently. Judging by the info we have coming in from our sources and the spy shots of the cars we’ve seen already, the new M4 will get horizontal bars in its grille.

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That will drastically alter the overall design and feel of the car and the rendering below offers a pretty accurate idea of what to expect. It was done by our friends over at Kolesa and it follows the latest sightings of G82 M4 prototypes out in the wild.

As you can see, the front end will be dominated by the new grilles and it seems like there will be two more intakes on the bumper as well. Over to the sides of the bumper you can also see a couple of slats meant to pass air towards the wheel wells.

The wheel design is also inspired by the latest sightings but it remains to be seen whether that’s how the end-product will look like. I like the fact that the M side mirrors were also added to the mix, as were the gills on the front fenders.

Round the back, the quad tailpipe setup is present, along with a massive diffuser and a boot lid spoiler lip. Overall, it’s a very good rendering effort, about as close as it can get these days to the real deal.

[Source: Kolesa]