A new generation of the Rolls-Royce Ghost is in the making. And judging by the ongoing marketing campaign, it’s really close to being 100% ready for the road. This would be only the second generation Ghost but since the first one was in production for over 10 years, the British brand had quite a lot of time to learn what their customers wanted from a new version. That’s the main point of the video posted below.

To get a glimpse into how important this new model is for the Rolls-Royce brand, you need to keep in mind that, even though the Ghost was a new name on the scene in 2009, it quickly became the best-selling product the company had on sale. And that covers 116 years of history. Not an easy feat to accomplish. Therefore, for the new generation, Rolls-Royce had to do some research on how customers’ preferences have evolved.

According to their findings, Ghost customers are younger, more entrepreneurial and more relaxed than the average Rolls-Royce customer. They were seeking for a Rolls-Royce that was simpler, less ostentatious and one that could still be used as a business tool.

There were also big differences in how the cars were used, depending on the market. US customers drove the cars themselves in a large majority, even if the cars were fitted with the long-wheelbase option. Asian customers, on the other hand, used all the technology at hand inside the Ghost.

“The success of the first Goodwood Ghost taught Rolls-Royce a huge amount about itself. We became aware of an entirely new group of people who used and commissioned their cars in ways that we hadn’t seen before. The new Ghost meets their demands with alacrity, and we look forward to learning what this exceptional car will teach us about this layer of clients in the future,” said Rolls-Royce Product Manager, Stephen Finch about the findings.