The BMW iX3 marks a new era for the Bavarian company. The electric SUV is now a true rival for cars like the EQC or Audi’s e-tron. The Audi has been dominating the market so far, the e-tron being the best selling electric SUV in Europe today. And since the BMW iX3 won’t be coming stateside anytime soon, the comparison becomes even more relevant.

The iX3 comes with a range of 460 kilometers, making it one of the best choices in terms of autonomy, at least on paper. It is also the only such SUV with a rear-wheel drive platform only, which might make it a better handling car. Of course, it could also harm its sales in certain, snowy, parts of the world.

All those issues aside, you’ll have to charge it. To cover this process, BMW worked extra hard to update its phone app. In the new app you can check the charging status of your BMW at any time and you can also find suitable charging stations. So, you run never out of power the BMW charging range offers you various options to charge the high-voltage battery in your BMW iX3.

For fast home charging you need a BMW Wallbox, which reduces the charging time significantly. To save money you can simply set the charging timer in your BMW App in a time slot outside peak time, so the charging starts automatically when the energy prices are the lowest.

You can also charge your vehicle flexibly with the BMW Flexible Fast Charger, which is compatible with multiple interchangeable adaptors, suitable for common international home and industry sockets. You can take the flexible fast charger wherever you go and you have the maximum charging power with the available infrastructure.

With a BMW Charging card you have access to a continuously growing network: the public charging stations. You can find them with your navigation system and unlock them with your BMW App or your BMW Charging Card. If you choose a high-power charging station it only takes ten minutes to extend the range by up to 100 kilometers.

However, that means you have to connect to a 150 kW charger and those are not that common at the moment. They are also a bit more expensive. All in all though, you can get your iX3’s battery up to 80 percent charge in just over 30 minutes.