The new MINI JCW GP is definitely a seriously fast hot hatch. The specs alone, combined with the compact size of the car, paint a really pretty picture. This is the fastest car MINI ever made and one of the rarest. To mark the occasion, the people from Sport Auto took one out for a spin around the Nurburgring.

To make sure they don’t just waste time, they called on Christian Gebhardt to take the wheel. For most people, his name might not ring a bell, but we know him in this industry. He’s one skilled man when it comes to going as fast as possible around the Ring. Therefore, the lap time he got might not be the fastest the MINI can achieve, but it is pretty darn close. Another thing you need to take into consideration, is the weather.

According to the guys from Sport Auto, the conditions weren’t perfect. The temperature was about 27 degrees, while the track was rather hot, at 53 degrees (Celsius). Furthermore, no changes were done to the suspension, even though the car allows you to tinker with it. Things were kept closer to what you would use on the street, rather than what a track setup would be.

There’s also the issue of the tires. The car was fitted with Hankook Ventus TD tires which are standard in some markets. A set of Michelin Cup 2 tires might’ve improved the lap time. Nevertheless, this little bundle of joy is all about driving fun, rather than best lap times. And with 300 HP under the hood and such a short wheelbase, you’re bound to get your daily dose of adrenaline shots with it. Now let’s watch the action.