Yesterday, we saw some photos of what seemed to be a facelifted version of the MINI John Cooper Works. It was a bit baffling to us because the current MINI lineup has already had its LCI facelift, so it didn’t initially make sense that there’d be another. However, We also know that this current generation of MINI Cooper is going to stick around a bit longer than usual, so it’s going to need a bit of an update if it wants to stay competitive. In this new video, we get to see that very facelift, up close and personal.

The car in this video is covered in heavy camouflage but it’s easily recognizable as a JCW and not just a standard Cooper. Its MINI John Cooper Works DNA shines through its sportier wheels and dual, center-mounted exhausts. The latter of which are dead giveaways. What’s interesting is that it also seems to have a large rear diffuser, seen through the camouflage here in this video.

Inside, we can see the new digital instrument panel, the same one you’ll find in the new all-electric MINI Cooper SE. That’s a welcome change. The old gauges looked cool, and they moved with the steering wheel which was fun, but they were cluttered and cramped and hard to read while driving quickly. And the whole point of buying a MINI is to drive quickly.

After the close ups, we get to watch the MINI JCW do some hot laps at the Nurburgring and it looks good. Though, it’s likely not any different, mechanically, than the current MINI John Cooper Works, so it probably takes to the ‘Ring in exactly the same manner as the car you can buy right now. Which is still probably very fun but nothing particularly surprising. Still, it’s nice to see a MINI getting updated, as it’s been awhile. Check it out.