BMW announced earlier this week that it will be recalling over 3,800 2019 model year BMW models for a possible tie-rod issue. Apparently, the tie-rod might suffer on rough road surfaces or at high temperatures and could eventually fracture. This could, in turn, lead to unsafe behavior from the car and potential crashes. BMW says no victims have been reported so far in connection to this issue.

The recall will cover a number of different models. Those affected include 2019 BMW Z4 sDrive30i, 2019-2020 BMW 330i xDrive, M340i and M340i xDrive, 2020 BMW X3 M and X4 M and 2020 Toyota Supra vehicles. Yes, you read that right: a BMW recall covers a Toyota car. Since the Supra and the Z4 have the same underpinning and are made on the same production line in Graz, that’s completely understandable.

According to BMW, a report came in during a December 2018 test drive that a tie-rod was broken. Upon deeper investigations, BMW determined that the tie-rod was, in that case, not properly fastened during the repairs done on a damper and, therefore, got bent during this process which, in turn, led to its fracture.

However, from that point on BMW decided to change the specs on the tie rod and now the part has an increased radius of the kink groove to reduce stress.

The modified tie-rod design was implemented in vehicle production in 2019. Even so, cars made before this date will be recalled to have the issue fixed. BMW received news of possible incidents involving the initial part and decided to address the issue.

The U.S. recall includes 2,779 BMW vehicles, and in Canada 1,018 vehicles are recalled. BMW and Toyota dealers will replace the steering gear tie rods when the recall begins August 7, 2020.