One of the most exciting cars to come from the BMW Group in some time is the MINI John Cooper Works GP. The newest GP is the most hardcore, track-focused MINI Cooper yet. Think of it like an M Division’s ‘CS’ cars, it’s that extreme. It also looks sensational, with its carbon fiber aerodynamics and fender blades. At the LA Auto Show, where the GP made its debut, it drew as much attention as the BMW M2 CS. So you know it looks awesome.

Apparently, it’s awesome to drive, too. According to this new review from EVO Mag, the MINI John Cooper Works GP is very fast for a hot-hatch, sports lightening quick responses and actually seems a bit too extreme for the road. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sure, EVO claims that its ride is a bit too rough and it torque-steers too much but, honestly, that’s all fine and dandy (George Carlin just popped into my head). Reason being is that the MINI JCW GP is supposed to be extreme. It’s supposed to seem like an unhinged psychopath, ready to rip a road to pieces, even if that means ripping itself to pieces in the process. It’s a mad, monster of a car and that gives it so much character.

The only real issue that we see, inherently, with the JCW GP is its auto ‘box. As a car purely designed for excitement, driving thrill and fun, it should have a manual gearbox as its only option. Except, it has a torque-converter eight-speed automatic and that can certainly do its best to kill the vibe a bit.

We haven’t driven the MINI John Cooper Works GP just yet but we have a test scheduled in the next few weeks, so we’ll have one soon enough. Personally, I can’t wait to drive the crazy little bulldog. It might not be refined and it might not have great road manners but who the hell cares? It’s a hardcore, track-oriented MINI designed to bit your face off and we love it for that.

[Source: EVO]