The BMW i3 Urban Suite was unveiled in January as a show project for the Consumer Electronics Show. It was a way of showcasing the versatility of the BMW i3 and how interior space can be reconfigured. BMW built two i3 prototypes which were made available to CES visitors.  During the latest BMW Today episode, BMW’s Head of Design, Domagoj Dukec took the time to talk about this unique project.

What made the BMW i3 Urban Suite unique was a new interior design. The entire cabin – with the exception of the driver’s workstation – has been completely remodeled so that it now resembles the inside of a boutique hotel. Leather has been largely dispensed with in favor of fabrics and wood instead. There is no rear bench seating in the BMW i3 Urban Suite and no front passenger seat. Instead, the BMW i3 Urban Suite features a lounge chair with a foot rest next to the driver.

As the video points out, the fabrics used are recycled to some degree. For example, the seat cover is made of recycled PET bottles while the floor mats can be recycled time after time. Unlike other BMW i3 models, the Urban Suite also comes with a clothes hanger, a storage tray between the driver’s seat and wooden table which is large enough for a bag or laptop. There is also a pair of thermoelectric cup holders in the center console that can warm drinks up or cool them down.

The BMW i3 Urban Suite also comes with an entertainment system. There’s a folding screen installed on the roof, which comes down giving you the option to watch your favorite movies. The sound system was set up in such a way that it creates a ‘sound bubble’ around you and to isolate the driver from the noisy environment.

Quite an interesting setup, to be honest. Too bad it’s just a concept. For now.