Today we’re in for a treat, as we get to take a closer look at some of the rarest and most expensive BMW cars you can think of. The guys from BMW Group Classic are taking us on a private tour showcasing the BMW 328 in two styles. The BMW 328 was only built in 464 units and is also one of the first cars the Bavarian car maker ever produced. That said, getting to see one is truly a rare occasion. And that’s why we’re thankful for this video.

The BMW 328 is the one that started it all. Before the classic BMW came to market, the Germans were making rather dull, uninteresting cars. After all, what could be said about the Dixie, for example, that would make ears perk up? The 328 on the other hand, was a sporty car, one with 80 HP in its standard guise, a big upgrade compared to the 3/15. In racing versions, the car’s engine would make up to 130 HP which was a notable boost.

The 328 became the most successful racing car of the 1930s with a 2-liter engine. Its six-cylinder was appreciated and reliable but the fact that the car only weighed 800 kilos also helped out. That and the madness of its drivers, of course. Alongside the 328 there’s a special appearance as well, an ever rarer version, the BMW 328 Touring Roadster. This car was made of aluminum almost in its entirety and was designed and built by coach builder Touring.

Since it was made of aluminum, this car was even lighter and competed in more prestigious races such as the famous Italian Mille Miglia race. That wasn’t an easy ordeal though, as aluminum has certain properties that make driving this car a true challenge. How come? I’ll let Benny Voss from BMW Classic explain it to you.