At the moment, BMW doesn’t have the best public image, when it comes to design. The Bavarian brand is taking quite a bit of flak for its new 4 Series design language, one that it seems to be doubling down on. What’s most frustrating about that is the fact that BMW has such a great design legacy, with so many wonderful car designs to draw inspiration from. One such car is the E24 BMW 6 Series, a car that’s given a modern interpretation in this 6 Series Design Study. (We don’t own the photos but you can see them here)

This stunning design comes from Grigory Butin, a Russian designer who used to work for the Volkswagen Group. Butin recently spoke with Car Scoops about this new 6 Series design study.

“The aim was to catch the essence of this timeless design, keeping the most important features and evaluating them into the modern object. This project is raising the question: how the modern spiritual successor of the BMW E24 could’ve looked like nowadays?”

E24 BMW 6 Series

The proportions are spot-on and look exactly like a modern interpretation of the E24 should. It looks modern but with classic proportions. When you see designs like this, if makes you realize that BMW doesn’t need to stuff monster grilles on cars to make them look bold or exciting. This 6 Series design render is smooth, sleek, reserved and handsome, yet it would drop jaws if it were seen on the road.

Admittedly, there are aspects of the design that couldn’t possibly be used on a modern production car. For instance, its pillars are far too skinny to pass rollover crash regulations, the front end likely wouldn’t pass pedestrian crash safety regulations and who knows how crumple zones and impact zones would affect the design. Having said that, there’s no reason why a similar design is impossible. BMW could absolutely make a car with similarly stunning style and still pass all the necessary regulations. Especially if it were electric.

There’s an idea, BMW. Bring back the 6 Series, make it an all-electric sports coupe, give it styling like this and give all of your fans something to drool over.

[Source: Car Scoops]