We’re not too far away from the official reveal of the upcoming BMW M4. With the standard 4 Series release imminent, the M4’s release won’t be too long after. Until then, though, the only ways we can see the next-gen M4 are through spy photos or spy video. Today, we get to see the latter; a video in which the G82 BMW M4 get some exercise in at the Nurburgring.

Seen here in heavy camouflage, the M4 does a few laps of the ‘Ring and we get to see and hear quite a bit about it. For starters, the car in question seems to be of the Competition-spec, due to the small lip spoiler on the trunk lid and its lack of drama on corner exit. The latter points to its all-wheel drive nature, which would likely indicate its Competition spec.

It also just looks good. Sure, it’s wearing a ton of camouflage in this video, so it’s hard to make out any details, but the car looks good for the most part. Its proportions are great, it looks muscular and it seems to have some nicely flared wheel arches. Yes, its grille will be massive but I think we’ll all be able to look past that soon enough.

There’s also a G80 BMW M3 seen in this video, in a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it moment at around the 6:30 mark. As with the F80 M3, the new G80 M3 actually seems to look a bit cooler than the M4, due to its more aggressively flared wheel arches. Also, the M3 in this video seems to be rear-wheel drive, as it gets a bit sideways on corner exit.

More importantly, though, we can hear the BMW M4 quite a bit in this video. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound great. Which is honestly surprising, as the S58 engine does sound great in the X3 M but it sounds sort of flat and generic in this video. Maybe the driver was just taking it easy, maybe the new European regulations have neutered it too much or maybe it was just the quality of the video. One way or another, the M4 doesn’t sound great here. To make matter worse, other cars sounded better in the same video, such as a Mercedes-AMG GT 4 Door and a Porsche Cayman. So hopefully the M4 sounds good when it finally debuts. We know its engine has the potential.