The world as we knew it may never return. The COVID-19 outbreak imposed some tough restrictions, making even something as casual as a face-to-face conversation a taboo subject. Companies around the world now have to adjust to the new situation and BMW just announced it will be moving a lot of its communication online, to keep everyone safe.

Therefore, starting today, the BMW Welt building has three new streaming and TV studios to get the word out about everything happening in Munich.

These studios can apparently be customized to whatever situation needed. They can be used for TV or for streaming and cover all the digital needs the company could have. Specialists in sound, video, lighting, direction and streaming are now working on site to make sure the content quality is up to par with BMW’s standards.

The biggest of these studios is truly impressive. Measuring 945 square meters, it offers sufficient space for multiple parallel setups and a wide range of options for emotive product staging.

The Auditorium features a retractable floor and flexible room topography with raised podiums. Thanks to state-of-the-art event technology and perfectly coordinated camera control, panel discussions or congresses can be held with four or more people on stage or up to 25 speakers in the room – while maintaining current safe distancing.

Entire concerts can be transmitted thanks to optimum acoustics and effective show lighting, and impressive product and vehicle presentations can be staged.

All three studios can be rented by interested companies, to hold their presentations online. They offer media integration via Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Instagram. Other professional streaming options can be added to the booking, such as integrating a stream on an existing website, creating a new landing page with streaming, or transferring confidential content in a protected virtual room with restricted access.

Also available is a customized app solution that includes tools for interacting with virtual participants.