If you live in the United States, then the BMW European Delivery is the best way to purchase a new BMW. Period. The mirage of picking up your car in Munich, at the BMW Welt, and getting a discount on it as well, it’s something no one should overlook. But if you live in Europe, there is a cost associated with having your delivery at the iconic BMW Welt.

According to Bimmertoday, and yet to be confirmed by BMW, the BMW Welt website now only shows two delivery options, both more expensive than before. Prior to the Welt closure, a “Basic Starter Package” was offered at a price of 675 euros.

The basic pick-up, which is limited to 60 minutes, included a compressed briefing and the handover of the vehicle at the premiere of BMW Welt. The more expensive Exclusive and Premium packages can obviously be ordered, but the inexpensive basic collection is no longer available.

The Premium packages costs 775 euros including VAT and, in comparison to the previous basic package, not only includes detailed vehicle instruction, but also entry to the BMW Museum and a tour of the BMW plant in Munich across the street.

The Exclusive package continues to be the highest quality vehicle collection option in the BMW Welt at a price of 1,075 euros. It includes a chauffeur service to BMW Welt, a very detailed vehicle briefing, the handover in an exclusive area and a 4-course menu in the Bavarie by Käfer restaurant.

For many customers, picking up in Munich was also an attractive option for reducing the transfer costs in Europe These are usually in the high three-digit range or higher, depending on the vehicle class. So the basic pickup at BMW Welt was also an attractive option to reduce costs when buying a new car.

If you live in the U.S., you should still have the same BMW European Program, but if something changes, we will keep you posted.