I can still remember the hilarity of the Tesla Cybertruck’s first announcement. Elon Musk strode onto that all-black stage like the rage-tweeting Steve Jobs-wanna-be that he is and attempted to demonstrate an indestructible truck that was eventually destroyed by a man with a ball. Despite the objective absurdity that was the Cybertruck launch announcement, it seemed to have resonated with a lot of fans. So much so in fact, that renders have been made of other cars with the Cybertrucks’ oddball styling.

The latest of which is a MINI Cooper , a staple of British design. When the classic Mini first arrived, it was an ingenious package; stylish and practical, fun and economical. In fact, it may be one of the most brilliantly designed cars ever made. The Cybertruck is the opposite; its absurd, ugly, hilariously inefficient, doesn’t comply with a single automotive regulation anywhere in the world, weighs about as much as a small football stadium and was created entirely for spectacle. So merging the two together is about as blasphemous as judging a wet t-shirt contest with The Pope.

[twenty20 img1=”358669″ img2=”356490″ offset=”0.5″]

Nevertheless, this render is here and it essentially recreates the current MINI Cooper with graphics from Nintendo 64’s Goldeneye, resulting in a MINI that’s been “Cybertrucked”. Funnily enough, it doesn’t look that terrible, in a ’90s video game sort of way. If that were Grand Theft Auto III, it’d be one of the coolest cars in the game.

As absurd as this trend is, I have to say that this render does actually add some cool styling elements that MINI could adopt for future EVs. For instance, the Union Jack faux grille is actually kind of cool in a completely over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. British fans would probably hate that but it’s novel to a Yank like myself.

I actually still can’t believe that the Cybertruck is still popular enough to warrant such a render but, honestly, that’s about the least unbelievable thing that’s happened this year so far. What a time to be alive.

[Source: Leasing Options]